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"SnR Pet Care is awesome.   Not only is Sandy and her team reliable and communicative, they truly care about my kitty.  I have been with SnR since it was created and wouldn't consider any other pet care.   It is such a relief to me to know that when I travel, my kitty is well taken care of, my mail and newspaper is brought in, and someone is checking on my house." -  Carol M.

Whenever I am out of town, I feel completely confident that my dogs are in excellent care with Sandy.  She has a heart of gold and is dependable, caring and trustworthy." - Denise S.

"I would highly recommend SNR Pet Care. Sandy and Randall have been wonderful with Cody.They have been walking him since he was a pup, so about 10 years!  He has developed a trust and relationship with them, which considering his background and past is very important. They are not only loving and caring towards him, but very dependable and reliable. We are so lucky to have them in our lives, they have been more than just pet walkers, but a part of our family.  Thank you Sandy and Randall!' - Linda & Cody

"Sandy has been walking my little ones for a couple of years.  I cannot speak highly enough of her.  I interviewed several other walkers before meeting Sandy and knew immediately she was the one. She is thorough, reliable, and totally committed to them and to our family as a whole. She goes above and beyond without being asked, clearly enjoys her work, and most importantly, is wonderful for my pups and to my peace of mind when I'm not there.  How Sandy manages to walk my senior and puppy, who obviously want to go at different paces peacefully, is beyond me. She has the gift." - Susan W.

"Sandy and Randall have been our pet sitters since our dogs were puppies. When we are away we have complete confidence that they are well loved, fed, walked and cared for as if they were her own. Not only is there a detailed report of each day, but often Sandy will send a photo via text so we can see our furry kids while we are gone. Her true love of animals and conscientious attention to detail make our time away peaceful. She even had us come up with a winter back up plan just in case there was a problem with the roads causing a delay for a visit. We love SnR Petcare and highly recommend them." Jeanne & Russ

"Randall definitely has the gift of connecting with pets. All of our dogs, and even our ornery 20 year-old cat, love and feel secure with him. Randall has been walking our babies and house sitting for us for a few years. When we're away our babies do not appear to miss us - a little difficult on our egos because we dote on them, but, we love this because we know Randall takes such amazing care of them and loves them just as much as we do.

We've had several special needs babies while Randall has been in our tenure. He truly cares about them and is on target with medication times and doses. We had one pup that was dosed five times a day with several and different medications depending on the time of day. He truly took stewardship of this and we are so grateful.

Randall not only takes his job seriously but loves the four-legged family members and is totally respectful of our home. I really can't speak highly enough of him. " - Susan V.

"Sandy Lassman has been with us (July 2007-February 2013) since July of 2007, covering Maple Valley, Kent,  Covington and the Fairwood area. Sandy is trained in pet first-aid and has already proven to be a great asset to Creekside Critter Care with her attention to detail, business skills and wonderful connection with animals. She also keeps our website and events page updated. Her now teenage son, Randall, has also taken the pet first-aid course and volunteers his time when he's not in school". - Ann O.

"It's extremely difficult to find a petsitter as reliable, responsible and caring as Sandy.  The peace of mind knowing that K-Kitty had the best of care at a reasonable price was worth every penny.

When I left my beloved, ailing 18-year old KoloheKitty to go on a 2-week river rafting trip in the Grand Canyon (no cell phone reception!), I gave Sandy complete authority to decide on any veterinarian or emergency care that my kitty might need. Sandy has had complete access to my home, including sensitive information, between 2009 and 2016, as I traveled at least once or twice a year. I have had complete faith and trust in Sandy's professionalism, and she  never let me down.

Sandy always spent quality time with K-Kitty. One of the things that most impressed (and amused me), was her thoughtful and thorough daily reports of the time spent with K-Kitty. "She disappeared after I let her out, but soon returned to the back slider door, staring at me and commanding me to let her back in now." And, "I saw that K-kitty had thrown up, but seems to have a good appetite and ate all her food."  Sandy has gone above and beyond, from texting me during my travels, bringing in my mail, cleaning up the kitty "urp," to washing out all of the little plastic containers of special food blended for my elder kitty, not to mention the gift of love and affection Sandy gave my K-Kitty." - Arlene D.

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