Payment Terms:

Payment for services must be received on the first day of service.  Monthly, on-going services, such as daily dog walks, will be billed on a monthly basis after credit has been established. 

Holiday Rates
For the following:         $25.00/day
Christmas/New Years Day/Thanksgiving/4th of July/
Labor Day/Memorial Day/Easter
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Superior and Reliable Care for your Pets!

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Our goal at SNR PET CARE is to partner with you to maintain and improve your pet's quality of life, and to assist in any way we can regarding their care.  Please don't hesitate to ask if you are interested in a service that is not listed here!

Medications* - insulin or IV fluids                        $5-15, depending on level of

Transport (vet/groomer/etc)                              $20 + 40 cents/mile

Litterbox Cleaning (no petsit)                            $16 1-2 boxes/15 minutes
(Contact us for details!)

Supply Runs (food/meds/etc)                             $20 + 40 cents/mile

Out of Area Service
  (depending on sitter availability)                     $1.50 per mile each way

*Caring for Chronically or Terminally Ill Animals - we understand how difficult
this time is for loving pet owners, and offer care for chronically or terminally ill animals.  In the event we need to take your friend to the vet in your absence, we require payment arrangements be made in advance or funds be made availalbe to us in the event of such emergency.  Please email for pricing and details.

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