Payment Terms:

Payment for services must be received on the first day of service.  Monthly, on-going services, such as daily dog walks, will be billed on a monthly basis after credit has been established. 

Holiday Rates
For the following:         $25.00/day
Christmas/New Years Day/Thanksgiving/4th of July/
Labor Day/Memorial Day/Easter
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Superior and Reliable Care for your Pets!

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The most comfortable place for your fur or feathered friend is in their own home with their familiar smells and objects.  Why board them in a noisy environment, full of strange and stressed animals, when they can have one of our sitters visit them at your residence?

During our visit, we will provide food and fresh water and a walk/potty break/litterbox cleaning.  We will play with them and can do light brushing or grooming, if they go for that sort of thing.  We also have experience with oral and injectable medications.

We understand that some pets are shy, and will give them the space and time they need to make friends.  Having daily companionship is important to reduce stress and anxiety, as well as check on their welfare.

We can also bring in your mail, take garbage in or out, adjust lighting and do light outdoor watering.  Need anything else done?  Ask us for a quote!

Dogs:  Dogs require a minimum of two visits per day, while three is recommended if they do not have outdoor potty access.

Cats:  Cats require a minimum of one daily visit for litter box maintenance, checking food and water and companionship.  We do not offer every other day visits.

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