Payment Terms:

Payment for services must be received on the first day of service.  Monthly, on-going services, such as daily dog walks, will be billed on a monthly basis after credit has been established. 

Holiday Rates
For the following:         $25.00/day
Christmas/New Years Day/Thanksgiving/4th of July/
Labor Day/Memorial Day/Easter
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Our patient dogs spend a lot of their lives waiting.  They wait for us to come home, wait to be fed, wait to be walked, wait for attention.   Rather than having them wait all day for you to come home, let us brighten their day and relieve their boredom (and bladder) with a midday dog walk.  Even dogs with backyard access can benefit from a walk.  They don't get the exercise or mental stimulation they need sniffing around their own yard during the day.

You will come home to a much calmer, happier dog, who was able to go out into the world and catch up on that days' doggie news, relieve themselves, and work off some energy, plus spend time with a loving friend!

Learn more about why walks are so important for your dog!

To get started today with walks for your dog, please contact SNR PETCARE.  We will set up an initial 15-20 minute meet and greet at your home to meet you and your dog(s), go over their walking preferences and fill out some paperwork.  There is no charge for this intial meeting.

**Note** - We do not offer off leash walks or trips to dog parks.  If you want your dog to get some cardio, please let us know and we can refer you to a local doggie daycare.

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When temps are in excess of 83 degrees, we will offer shorter walks/alternative activities for the safety of your pet.